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Workshops for children and adults

I'm regularly doing workshops for children in schools or kindergarden, or for adults. The workshops will be body percussion, and rhythms on Ghanaian kpanlogo drums (traditional Congas) and small percussion. I will provide the instruments.


Private Lessons

I'm also giving private drumming lessons. Contact me if you are interested.

Regular Drumming Class

Every Thursday at Rankweil HTL


You are invited to join us, whether you are beginner or expert.

Drumming & Travelling in Ghana

Drumming - Dancing - Singing - Travelling


I'm organising workshops in my home country Ghana. A mixture of drumming, dancing and singing that touches the soul. Every rhythm on the drum has its own dancing move, and its own story behind.

The workshop is accompanied by trips and tours through magnificent villages along the coast and the countryside of Ghana. You not only get an insight in the African culture, but you will also be able to feel the pulse of West Africa.

If you are a group of minimum 6 persons, contact me for the planning. I will organise everything in Ghana and accompany you.

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