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Kofi Quarshie is an exceptional percussion player from Ghana.

Born in 1970, Quarshie began playing drums as a child and soon found himself performing with a number of traditional music /dance groups in Ghana. At the age of 21, he undertook his first European performance tour as a member of Akim Manso, a group comprising fifteen artists.

Kofi Quarshie was playing with internationally acclaimed master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy and became part of Addy’s group Royal Obonu Drummers, performing with them in numerous countries.

In 1991 he founded Agoo Group, a drumming and dance group, which has been performing regularly in Ghana, Europe and other African countries.
Quarshie was solo drummer in „Porgy and Bess”, a successful series of performances at Bregenz Festival in Austria (1997/98).

For more than five years he worked closely with Lizzy Hammond, the West African dancer and singer also known as „Mama Africa”. Quarshie has been a member of jazz group KDR Society for more than ten years, playing at Jazz Festivals in Romania, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.
In October 2017 Kofi Quarshie released his album „I Remember (Mama I Love You)”.
Easily one of Ghana’s best drummers, his passion has always been the development and promotion of traditional music of Ghana, thus his regularly trips to the country.
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